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Are You Ready To Integrate
In Your New Country and
Become an Empowered Immigrant?

Senait Mesfin Piccigallo

Moving to the western world is exciting and fun. Getting that visa and finally arriving at your destination is thrilling but also full of challenges and unexpected hurdles once you arrive there.

You may be feeling:


  • Stressed from not being able to communicate

  • Out of place in a Western culture that is different from yours

  • Loss of direction and purpose

  • Lonely, Isolated, and misunderstood by people you left behind

  • Your relationship is challenging because of the different gender roles you or your spouse play

  • Disconnected from friends & family back home

  • Concerned about your family’s wellbeing

  • Unhappy or unfulfilled

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. I have done that, and I know how hard it can be. 


The good news,  with the right support and strategies, you and your family can create the life you moved to the country for. A life your love and you can be proud of. And you can do that with ease and joy.

Senait Mesfin Piccigallo


Hi, my name is Senait!

I’m a life purpose coach and a seasoned immigrant, helping new individuals create a life they love when they move to a new place. 


I founded Anchoring the New You to give you the resources, support, and road map you need to create a thriving life with joy in your new location without wasting months and years in the stress of moving. I’ll help you adapt quickly so you can get on with making the most of the precious moments of your life. 


After all, you didn’t move to the western world so you can be lost in the system and in the unknown vast, you had a dream! So let’s make it the best it can be. 

A collection of poems on mourning and grief.

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Mostly, our experience of western culture, life, politics, religion, education system, law and cultural values, cues, and language are based on what we watched on TV and in movies before we landed in our western country.

Our workshops aim to equip newcomers to the US culture (America/ Europe/Canada) on some basic concepts to help navigate in the vast ocean of knowledge and integration of western culture ahead.

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Order The Book

​Senait M. Piccigallo, Author of the book  “You’re in America – Now What? 7 Skills to Integrate with Ease and Joy" is a guide to help immigrants transition into your new country, your new home.


Originally from Eritrea,  Piccigallo has lived in Ethiopia, China, and across California and has traveled many countries on the continent. She's a certified life Purpose coach, relationship workshop facilitator, Cultural advisor, a member of the Santa Clara immigrant & refugee forum, and a board member of the California Writers Club.


She works with individuals and families worldwide to build thriving lives in new places.  Receive advice from first-generation immigrants from developing Nations. Included are seven researched skill-sets designed to make the American integration process easier and enjoyable.

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"Indeed a very relevant book, even to people who are from different parts of the world. I find the book very relatable and informative. Lack of information, confusion, disconnect, intimidation, sense of being lost, etc are often heard overwhelming new comers at the early stages of immigrating to the US. And the author here has done a great job not only in making the book informative but also sharing her own experience and shading light in to how she managed her transition smoothly. I have no doubt that readers who are new to the US will find this book very helpful in addressing the above challenges."


"A warm and practical guide for immigrants struggling with cultural adjustment. The author comes across as a big sister full of wisdom hard-won by experience. She shares her experiences, her ups and downs, and what she has learned along the way, and gives sound advice for those who want to thrive in their new country. An excellent resource for new immigrants themselves and also for those who have immigrant friends and want to help them get through the survival mode of culture shock to a place of thriving!"

"There are several things I love about this book! It is an easy read, with tips and how-to’s for immigrants to adjust to life in America. These are woven with life stories from the author, fellow immigrants and her coaching clients. I was compelled to keep reading, as I found this format of useful info interspersed with personal accounts interesting as well as helpful. I would recommend this book to any immigrant or service providers working with immigrants. Lastly, this book could be a good read for anyone, not only the immigrant niche, as it contains motivational exercises that inspire a positive mindset for achieving happiness & success."

"I have found this book very informative, honest and easy to read. It spoke to me and my journey as an immigrant. The author did an excellent job putting together an incredible guide to help any newcomer make their transition smoother. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of moving to a new place or is already in one. Thank you for candidly sharing your stories, researching extensively on the topic and taking the time to writing it!" 

"As an Eritrean immigrant, I went through a lot of challenges that are discussed in the book. With no direction and help around, the cultural shock, the financial condition, and other related issues put high pressure and stress in my life. However, this book has helped me to rearrange my perspective and taught me how to handle the major challenges I was facing. Addressing mental health issues and learning how to expand my support group are some of the benefits I got out of this book. I believe this book will play a significant role in addressing the problems most immigrants from developing countries like and help them to improve their situation and become productive members of their new home."

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Ready to have a life you are proud of?

Whether you just landed or you are figuring out how to thrive in your new place, I’ll be your guide every step along the way.

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