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  • Wouldn’t it be great to have the life you want and Left your country for now? And not after 5 or 10 years?

  • Have you ever felt like, this isn’t the America you came to live in? And feel confused how to find that image you had before you got here?

  • Have you ever questioned, now that you are in America, the things that should come easy, like job, finding housing, or pursuing your dreams are so difficult and you feel like giving up and you wish you could go back home?

  • Do you feel like may be if you keep moving from state to state may be you will be able to find the America you came for?

  • Have you felt like, you are so busy trying to build your life from scratch while the world is passing you by and that you feel sad you have abandon your dreams?

  • Do you feel like you have lived here for so long and now know how to survive and but so far away from achieving your dreams you have always wanted to achieve? you don’t know how to get there?



What if, you could transform your life overnight?


As a result of working with me through my coaching services and programs I developed, my clients avoid the time wasting trial and error so many experience while navigating their new country’s system and culture. And thrive in it once they mastered the system.

With a bit of help and guidance(and in a very short period of time) they find ease , confidence and success in their new Countries to build the career they love, communicate better with the locals, create a support system that sustains, supports and forwards their goals in life, feel like they belong and want to contribute in a bigger way both to the culture they Immigrated to and to the country they left behind.


I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself…likely you’re wondering who “I am” and what I have to teach you about Integration to your new country.

Yes, I’m a trained Integration coach, I have a university degree in Sociology and Anthropology.

I have coached and head coached for a company offering personal development programs for the last 4 years. I have worked with non profits who work with refugees, Asylee, and immigrants in general .

I helped new immigrant in their process of settlement, adjustment, assimilation to the US culture. I have experience in coaching new and not so new immigrates assimilate and integrate to their new Country.

As a California registered court Interpreter for about 6 years , I have been working closely with (immigrants new and those that have lived in USA from 1 to 10 years and beyond) in being their voice in expressing their needs and helping them fully express themselves despite the barrier of language and Culture.


AND – My biggest credential is my personal story...

My Husband, my two Children and I live in Livermore, (close to San Francisco ), California.

My Husband who is also a first immigrant from Italy, and I enjoy raising our two children and have lots of interest we pursue. We both have a fulfilling life and jobs and we are pretty happy.


But it wasn’t always like that!

I moved to USA from Eritrea in 2007 with my special needs child who was 4 at the time.

Although I had my green card right away, navigating the US system and culture was so difficult I actually felt so frustrated and wanted to go back home.

Yes, In fact, it was pretty horrible for the first five years and I constantly felt lost although I spoke the language and am a pretty sociable person, navigating the US culture was not an easy tasks even for me.


Having Children isn’t an easy task for any parent in any culture, having a special needs and starting your new life in a new country which is so different from the one you left is for sure to leave you frustrated.

And to make matters worse, even though I had a higher education, I couldn’t find a job right away.

When I applied, for some employers, all my experiences and education I had back home was from Africa and people didn’t feel comfortable hiring me and for others I was over qualified for the jobs I was applying.

I was constantly anxious and miserable. Every morning, I had to get up and learn a new thing, work to survive , take care of my kid and then research and study about what I was dealing with some more after I put my child in to sleep. And then I had sleepless nights worrying about my son’s and my future.

However, no matter what I tried, it didn’t seem to push me forward in the direction I wanted to take. I couldn’t find the America that was promised me though the movies and what I heard from others!

The American dream was really far away and unreachable. I was a wrack! And then , Suddenly one day, a light bulb went on.


I really got that what was happening was ME- doing the same things, saying the same things I'd always done and said that never worked. So I realized I needed help, I started looking for new ideas . I got some offbeat inspiration from unlikely places- books and articles that had nothing to do with my current situation.

I started making small changes in what I said and didn't’ say and what I did and didn’t do, and invested in my self by attending several self development programs and hired a counselor to help me with my worries and anxiety and helped me gain new skills– amazingly-My life like did 180 practically overnight.


Within a few weeks, the US culture started making sense, I started having hope and knew exactly what to say to whom – my hope and confidence returned. It dawned on me that what I was doing was working! And working brilliantly.


So I just built on the good things I saw happening, as best I could, and that’s how I developed my own Tools. And now my family and I have this phenomenal life that gets better all the time. It’s given me a real sense of groundedness and inner strength. I feel lucky to say I have a fantastic American dream life that I have always dreamed of.

So – if I did it – I KNOW you can do it too!

I want to teach you HOW to do what I did and learned thorough my experiences and knowledge – to have the life that you want to build in your new country – but without all the time-wasting trial-and-error I had to endure while trying to navigate my new country.


What if you could get all the big ticket items you really want – a great job, communication, support system, ease , success and happiness without ever even asking? You can. You can be a fully integrated citizen in your country that is enjoying the good things your new country offers. And it can happen quickly.

It requires a specific skill set, and a willingness to try a new way of “being.

Here is how it looks : You get to be the hero of your own confident, fulfiling life and you get to express that and share who you are with words and body languages that others in your new country can hear and relate to- that will make friends want to help you, employers want to hire you and be a part of a community that value your wisdom and respect where you came from and see what a gift you are to them.

Finally, you can relax, and feel confident and grounded in your new country. Feel sense of belonging . What you’ll discover is that you like your new country even more. You’ll be able to genuinely connect with others instead of seeing them as foreigners and allow others to contribute to you instead of struggling in all the DOING all by your self.


We are all in this together. We have to share our secrets and successes, so we’re all empowered to turn our new lives around and no longer at the mercy of the misinformation and bad advice we’ve been hearing since we have arrived

I know that if I could learn to find my way around with a sever special needs child in my arms , as a single mother to find my place in USA where I didn’t grow up and speak my truth and win in getting what I wanted and turn 180 from wanting to go back to my country to loving my new country, working in a job that I love and fulfills me, and a family of my dreams to complete me, - you can, too.

And so much faster than I did, because now you have me to help you, every step of the way.

I look forward to hearing about every step you take and every success you experience (I know you will be successful!)

So, Lets get started

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Senait Abraha