Wouldn’t it be great to have the life you want and left your country for? 

Have you ever felt like, this isn’t the America you came to live in? And feel confused
on how to find that image of America you had before you got here?

Have you ever questioned why, now that you are in America, the things that should come easy, like working, finding housing, or pursuing your dreams are so difficult and you feel like giving up and you wish you could go back home?

Do you feel like although you have help from a social worker or your community, you are still struggling in finding a job, or struggle to assimilate to the US culture and wonder if something's wrong with you?

Have you felt like you speak the language good and yet you feel completely lost in a
conversation and a social gathering because you don't understand the nonverbal cues, cultural values, norms and thinking style of the American culture?

Do you feel like you have lived here for so long and have a job, housing and a few
friends and yet so far away from achieving the dreams you have always wanted to
achieve and you don’t know how to get there?

What if, you could transform your life overnight?
As a result of working with me through the coaching services and programs I developed, my clients avoid the time wasting trial and error that so many experience while navigating their new Country’s system and culture. 
With a bit of help and guidance, and in a very short period of time, they find confidence and success in their new Country to build the career they love, communicate better with the locals, create a support system that sustains, supports and forwards their goals in life, feel like they belong and want to contribute in a bigger way both to the culture they immigrated to and to the country they left behind.


Read what others are saying about Senait 

"My experience with Senait as a coach has been nothing short of extraordinary. Senait was a thoughtful, insightful coach who actively and truly listened to understand what I was dealing with. Senait was my designated coach during the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership course for three months in 2018.  She coached me on a variety of areas in my life, with a keen eye for uncovering my blind spots that were stopping me from taking action or had me stuck in a perpetual negative narrative about myself. She always pushed me to think of the possibilities I could create in the areas of my life that were most important to me.

 Senait's way of being with me was a calm, quiet, loving but firm stand for my life with a heart full of compassion for what I was dealing with. I appreciated that she "got" my world, and she never dismissed my emotions or thoughts even though I often created my own suffering with negative self-talk. It was easy and comforting to talk with her.

An area in which Senait made a difference in my life was dealing with my teen son, who had become increasingly defiant, belligerent and physically aggressive towards me. She created and recreated me as a loving mother who knows what to do, who is doing all the right things, who is fearless in the face of adversity, and who is an unwavering stand for my son's life in spite of his behaviors. She helped me see and re see my son as the sweet loving boy I knew him to be, beneath all the negative behaviors. As a result, I was able to reconnect with my son and reestablish a loving bond that had deteriorated quite drastically. Senait shared her struggles with me as a mother dealing with her own son's struggles, and in that sharing, her coaching was even more effective because of that shared experience as a fellow mother.

I highly recommend Senait as a coach to others. Her compassion, her being present with the person she is coaching, her astute discernment of the person's blind spots, and her persistent stand for the person's life and the possibilities that any person can create, all make her an extraordinary coach. She asks thoughtful questions to get the person to think beyond what is current state, to transform whatever the current state is into something new. Senait has a tremendous amount of integrity and always follows through on her commitments to the people she coaches."

Darlene Wong
Data Annalist with Bank of the West 

"I had the pleasure of having Senait as my coach for three months, when I was in my self expression and leadership program.

Having her as my coach expanded my thinking , help me be more present and helped me with realizations of current and past experiences.

She held me accountable for my actions and kept me on my toes so I can meet my deadlines by helping me create a measurable goals each week for my project I was working on.

She helped me understand why being fully self expressed is very important. She has demonstrated with me by practicing conversations to where I feel relaxed and to talk with the person(s) freely and very direct.


The only times I felt uncomfortable around Senait was when I missed our weekly call or didn't do my homework. She was very approachable and really care about the needs of others. Her compassion in which she is passionate about radiates in the room. I can feel her warmth and she was very loving.


One area that Senait made a difference in my life is in taking action in finding a new career. She inspired me to be in action by submitting my 3 week notice at what was my day job at the time and to really look into what I am passionate about and in looking which careers options should I look in to next.


I feel that others can benefit from Senait’s coaching. By having someone like her who is very caring and motivating, make a person look into what impact they have in the community with their greatness, whether they see it or not."Zee

Freelance, Client support service

San Jose

"My name is Martin Duran Bernardo.  I would like to  share with you my experience with Senait Abraha as a coach in the self expression and leader ship program , Through her coaching I was able to have a clear mind set, in every project that I had (Business, personal life) In my business I was able to  develop a partnership with my workers at the company, in my personal life I was able to create a better relationship with my partner.
My experience with Senait as my coach was very smooth, I was really excited to talk with her. If you are looking for a coach I believe Senait is your coach, she will hold you accountable for what you are looking for and  to get it , all by working with Senait. "

Martin Duran Bernardo, 2/26/2019 
President of Johnston Millwork, inc 

"ብመገዲ ቴድሮስ ጸሃየ ዝበሃል መሓዛይ ኣቢልና ኢና ምስ ሰናይት ተራኺብና። (ብሉጽ ሰብ ምስ ከምኡ የራኽበካ) ኩሉ ሳዕ ዕውታት ሰባት ክሪኢ ይብህግ'ኳ እንተኾንኩ፡ ብፍላይ ኣብ ኣሜሪካ መጺኤ ኣዝየ ዝተመነኽዎ'ዩ። ምኽንያቱ ኣሜሪካ ከም ስደተኛ ልዕሊ ትጽቢተይ ከባድ ብምጽናሓ። ሰናይት ኣብ ኣሜሪካ ወላ ስደተኛ ኮይንካ 'ዓቢ ሕልሚ' እንተለካ ብዘይ ምጥርጣር ክትበጽሖ ከም እትኽእል ዓቢ ተስፋ ካብ ዘሕደሩለይ ሰባት'ያ። ናብ ኣሜሪካ መጺኣ ኩሉ ዝሓለፈቶ ከበድቲ እዋናት ሰጊራ ሎሚ ዕውትቲ ሰደተኛ ምዃና ጥራይ ዘይኮነ፡ ንኻልኦት ሓደስቲን ራኢ ዘለዎም ስደተኛታትን ክትሕግዝ ምብጋሳ ውን ካልእ ዘደንቕ ሸነኻ'ዩ። ኣዝየ ዘድነቕክዎ ኣተሓሳስባኣ 'ኣይከውንን'ዩ' ዝብል ቃል ኣብ ርእሳ ብዘይምህላዉ'ዩ። ውሽጠይ ስለዝረኸበቶ ብዘይመጠን ኣድኒቐያ..ጉዕዞ ሂወታ ውን መሲጡኒ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ንዓቢ ሕልመይ ትብዓት ወሲኹለይ! ከም ኤርትራዊት ዜጋ ድማ ኩርዓት ተሰሚዑኒ..ብሓጺሩ ራእየይ ግድን ክበጽሖ ምዃነይ ኣብነት ካብ ዝኾኑኒ ሓንቲ ውን ኢያ።

ኣርቲስት- ኣርያም ወልደኣብ"
Ariam Weldeab, Artist, Author and director 

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